25 Jan 2024

The Venice Venice Hotel: Porsche Carrera GTL Zagato

Zagato celebrated an extraordinary event at The Venice Venice Hotel, in the charming setting just steps away from the Rialto Bridge in Venice. This magical evening featured the delivery through the iconic Canal Grande in Venice of the first model of the breathtaking Porsche Carrera 356 B 1600 GTL Zagato Sanction Lost to its visionary owner, a rebirth of an iconic model, a tribute to Italian craftsmanship that has captured the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts worldwide. Thus concludes the Zagato Sanction Lost Trilogy dedicated to the Porsche world, starting with the first Speedster model in 1958 based on the 356A, followed by the Coupe in 1959 and the latest GTL model in 1960, both based on the 356BT5. The 1960 Porsche Carrera GTL Zagato used a language common to the FIAT Abarth 1000, winner of the Compasso D'Oro. This model emerged following the defeat of 1955 at Avus, Germany, which led engineer Ferdinand Porsche to embark on the so-called "Italian Job," resulting in the birth of this legendary car.