21 Sep 2014


The 24th historic tribute to racing legend Tazio Nuvolari started in Mantova, his hometown. As one of the most important regularity events for classic cars around the world, this year’s Nuvolari Grand Prix attracted many Zagato bodied Alfa Romeos. Among them, the 1750 Gran Sport driven by Albert Wetz, the 1900 SSZ by Paolo Carlini, the 1900 SSZ by Andrea and Marella Zagato, the Giulietta SVZ by Axel Marx, the SZ Coda Tronca of the Alfa Romeo Museum conducted by representatives of Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport magazine and the 1750 Quattroruote Zagato in the hands of Boris Bazhenin. All of these exceptional cars and their international drivers participated in the race through Scuderia Sports. Their most competitive team Mozzi-Biacca was forced to forfeit due to a broken suspension.