25 Oct 2020

1000 MIGLIA 2020

Despite the restrictions due to the current pandemic, which forced the American and the Asian drivers, always protagonists in the past editions, Zagato climbs again on top of the podium of the Mille Miglia, thanks to the crew Vesco – Vesco, on Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS Zagato. The Milanese Atelier still was a protagonist.

Among the intrepid participants there was an Alfa Romeo 1900SSZ driven by the well-known Swiss collector Axel Marx, and Paolo Di Taranto, Head of Heritage Zagato as co-driver. Hide Kimura, President of the Kyoto Elegance Competition, was an additional important representative of the Zagato’s cars entered, on board of his black Alfa Romeo R.Z., registered in the special class of the Supercar Owners Circle (SOC). The all-female crew Gaburri crossed the finish line on the Fiat Abarth 750 Doppia Gobba.

Photo credits: Renè Official Photographer, Luca Danilo Orsi, Mark Gessler