15 Jun 2018


Zagato was guest of honour during the celebrations for the opening of the third part of the Leica centre Leitz Park, in Wetzlar, Germany. On June 15, in fact, there was the unveiling of the camera Leica M10 Edition Zagato, special series of 250 units with an aluminium body, which couples German technology with Italian design. After the Ultravid 8x32 Edition Zagato binoculars, introduced in 2015, this is the second collectors’ item born of the partnership between Leica and Zagato. The public at Leitz Park could admire the IsoRivolta Vision Granturismo Zagato, back from its european premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The supercar, protagonist in the Sony Polyphony video game Granturismo Sport will be produced in five units. At the event also the book ‘Leica and Zagato Europe Collectibles’, published by da Delius Klasing and second volume of the Leica Zagato trilogy, was presented. It contains the images of 33 collectible cars portrayed in European agoras.