18 Sep 2021


After the American preview  at Peeble Beach and the UK debut at Hampton Court, Sankt Moritz was the wonderful setting for the ISO Rivolta GTZ alongside the ISO rivolta A3/C Millechiodi, whose lines inspired the new Zagato custom-built car. As part of the events organised during the Bernina Granturismo Week, which just a few years has become one of the most prestigious events for classic cars, the latest creation from Atelier Zagato and its ancestor - displayed in front of the Kempinski Hotel like a 'Time Capsule' - attracted the interest of passionate collectors from all over Europe. The Zagato exhibition was then enhanced by three Elio Z driving simulators from TCCT eClassic, on which the drivers were able to preview the 5.7km race course, obtaining the "verified" necessary for the start. Finally, to be mentioned among the registered cars: Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, Giulietta SZ Codatronca, Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato in lightened version and Osca 1600GTZ.