24 Oct 2016


The Zagato Swiss Exhibition opened up at the Basel Pantheon, extraordinary building with a circular architecture, as the first stop-over of an itinerary through various Countries that the Milanese Atelier has started in view of the celebrations, in 2019, for the hundredth anniversary of the company. A trip with the aim to involve all Zagato enthusiasts to complete the historic Register. For the first time under the same roof, 25 Zagato-bodied cars, of all ages, from the 1929 Alfa Romeo 1750 to the 2015 Mostro, seem lined up on the starting grid of an imaginary circuit. A wonderful dynamic effect, enhanced by the Pantheon slanting floor, which resembles a parabolica. The cars have been lent to us by their owners, who will do without them until April 17th 2017, when the exhibition will close.